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Across Europe, public bodies are pressed by an increasing need to provide preparatory support to the economic ecosystem in advance of the closure of anchor firms in their region which act as significant employers. The impacts of a closure of course go beyond direct employees and ripple, wave like throughout the regional services sector and economy. Management of such anticipated structural change requires proactive renewal of business approaches and policy supports. Regions are encouraged to introduce pilot projects based on their own strengths and to provide appropriate business supports for the re-alignment of the regional industrial base. This proactive approach by regional stakeholders is critical to building the resilience of these regions and enabling them to adapt to change.

The importance of SMEs and start-ups to the regional economy is widely recognised in terms of the provision of employment, contribution to GDP, driving innovation and supporting regional resilience. It is imperative that the relevant regional stakeholders keep informed, inspired and equipped to provide the appropriate SME and start-up supports, particularly in regions anticipating structural change.

The development of this collaborative Interreg Europe project linking partners across borders will seek to develop a Framework and Roadmap for Anticipated Structural Change under Priority Axis 2. It is imperative that industry players, business support organisations and policy makers understand how their ecosystems work and when faced with shocks (firm closures) to collaboratively develop alternative growth and employment through supportive policies and programmes to boost SME competitiveness.

The consortium consists of 9 project partners from 9 European countries. The lead partner is MTU (Munster Technological University) from Ireland (Cork Institute of Technology until the end of 2020).



Funding program:Interreg Europe
Total budget:€ 1.860.974
Budget Upper Austria (Biz-up):€ 184.531
Funding rate:84,10%
Duration:Aug. 2019 – July 2023 (48 months)