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Inter-communal settlement projects and business parks

Location and site development means Upper Austria is actively involved in strategic coordination and regional cooperation. This guarantees that companies benefit from optimum framework conditions when they arrive. - Inter-communal settlement: as part of the INKOBA inter-communal business settlement initiative, local councils cooperate to develop and promote business locations.


The advantages include:

  • Shared acquisition, development and marketing of business locations by sharing costs and profits
  • Coordination of main points of focus for individual locations in a region
  • Joint promotion of locations. Upper Austria currently has 28 inter-regional cooperation projects in which 303 (of 440) local councils jointly develop locations to accommodate new companies.

Business parks

Based on successful inter-communal settlement of companies, Business Upper Austria provides professional management of business parks that ideally meet the requirements of international companies and corporate groups. Your key benefits:

  • The business park sites are located on premium transit intersections.
  • Local and regional development enables all local councils within a region to be involved, including the major towns within the region.
  • The business parks are all located close to major roads (linked to top class road network) and the railway.
  • Sites are available between 25 and 100 hectares.