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Finding cooperation partners

External cooperation partners can make a major contribution to the success of projects, especially when they involve innovative concepts. We help you find the right cooperation partners for your project - regardless of whether you are looking for companies or research institutes in Austria or abroad.


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Foto: Tanja Spennlingwimmer

Tanja Spennlingwimmer

Head of Investor and Location Management
Mobile: +43 664 8481289
Phone: +43 732 79810-5055
Foto: Markus Mair

Markus Mair

Project Manager

Mediation of international cooperation and business partners in the field of technology and research, Enterprise Europe Network www.biz-up.at/een

Mobile: +43 664 8481250
Phone: +43 732 79810-5440
Foto: Roland Nöbauer

Roland Nöbauer

Project Manager

Advice on R&D cooperations, regional and national funding programmes for technology

Mobile: +43 664 8481244
Phone: +43 732 79810-5429