Support for innovation projects

Free-of-charge support for innovation processes and open innovation

The INNO-lyze® project provides European Commission support for SMEs to optimise their innovation management. As part of this project, Business Upper Austria performs company analyses to assess your innovation management. Together we will then guide you towards the optimal innovation process. The costs are covered by the European Commission.

Innovation processes and open innovation

Growing companies must regularly look for new innovation projects and ways of optimising their innovation management. As the Upper Austrian location agency, we want to help our SMEs to develop sustainable innovation processes.

Open innovation is a useful method for achieving this. Open innovation is the opposite of closed innovation, where only internal resources are used for innovation. This can be a problem for SMEs with limited resources. Open innovation, however, is about exchanging external and internal know-how in innovation processes by using marketing and by practising sustainable innovation management.

Take part in the INNO-lyze® innovation project

All SMEs that practise regular innovation management or intend to introduce innovation management into the company are eligible to participate. In addition, you should have products or services with potential for growth. Experience has shown that companies with 20 or more employees are particularly well suited for innovation management.

Foto von Udo Gennari

Udo Gennari

Project Manager

Information about patents, registered designs, Trademark; innovation management

Mobile: +43 664 848 1242
Phone: +43 732 79810-5441
Foto von Markus Mair

Markus Mair

Project Manager

Mediation of international cooperation and business partners in the field of technology and research, Enterprise Europe Network

Mobile: +43 664 848 1250
Phone: +43 732 79810-5440