Austrian Employment Law seminar for Internationals

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Daria Ivanova
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Transitioning to a career in Austria requires a solid understanding of local employment regulations. Our seminar about Austrian Employment Law, is tailored for international professionals seeking clarity on key legal aspects. 
Key Topics to be Covered: 
  1. Introduction to Austrian Employment Law: An overview of the legal framework governing employment relationships in Austria, including relevant statutes, regulations, and collective agreements. 
  2. Employment Contracts: A detailed examination of the components of an Austrian employment contract, including terms of employment, working hours, remuneration, and termination clauses. 
  3. Rights and Obligations of Employees: Insight into the rights afforded to employees under Austrian law, such as minimum wage requirements, entitlements to holidays and leave, and protections against discrimination and unfair dismissal. 
  4. And more… 
Whether you are an expatriate, a skilled migrant, or a student transitioning into the workforce, this event aims to empower you with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of Austrian employment regulations with confidence. 
Join us to equip yourself with essential knowledge and thrive in your Austrian career journey! 



Free of charge