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Funding and investments in the hotel industry

Extraordinarily rich in culture and set in beautiful natural surroundings, Upper Austria is fertile ground for the restaurant and hotel industry. To ensure that our guests enjoy their stay and that business owners enjoy access to optimum opportunities, we support all projects that involve investment in Upper Austrian tourism.


Building or leasing hotels

So that you can choose the right site for your restaurant or hotel from the multitude of plots available, we offer you advice for your location search

We are also happy to put you in touch with the right people to facilitate the lease or purchase of restaurant and hotel properties. Moreover, we can provide you with information on the financing and funding opportunities available for your new business location.

Investing in the hotel industry

If you are not planning to build a new hotel and would prefer to invest in an existing hotel or resort, we will be happy to provide you with advice on the investment opportunities available.

Advice and funding in the hotel industry

  • Advice on the investment opportunities available in the Upper Austrian restaurant and hotel industry
  • Advice on financing and funding opportunities in the hotel industry
  • Support in contacting authorities and obtaining permits
  • Development of tailor-made location offers and information on locations for operators and investors
  • Establishing contacts to possible partners in the tourism industry
  • Initial consultation for municipalities on the development of tourism projects
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