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Location analysis and commercial real estate for companies

As the location agency for Upper Austria, Business Upper Austria has a good overview of business premises and commercial real estate in Upper Austria. We are the right people to help you during your company's relocation in terms of the choice, strategic analysis and planning of your future business premises.


Commercial real estate throughout Upper Austria

We have been involved in numerous relocation projects in recent years and have successfully mediated between companies and real estate owners. If you are looking for the perfect location for your company's relocation to Upper Austria, you have come to the right place. Our experts are integrated into local networks and will be happy to advise you at any time on new opportunities and sites.


Our real estate service includes:

  • Establishing contacts with owners of commercial real estate
  • Providing an overview of all types of business premises: storage areas, industrial plants, business parks
  • Supporting the development of INKOBAs (inter-communal industrial sites) and business parks
  • Support in marketing business sites through our own sales channels and communication activities

Strategic location analysis

Regardless of whether your company is just entering Upper Austria, or you have several locations here already, it is always helpful to get strategic advice. 
Our experts would be pleased to help you select your new commercial real estate. With our contacts and experience in this sector, we work with you to prepare a precise location analysis for potential commercial properties.


Our strategic location service includes:

  • Strategic analysis of potential locations for your company
  • Your company's advantages in terms of logistics and infrastructure
  • Active site management and securing land