Get support in retaining skilled personnel

In the global competition for employees, it is crucial to position your company as an attractive employer. In this respect a culture welcoming international employees as well as offering a better work-life balance - such as in-house childcare - are becoming increasingly important. The battle for the brightest minds is not only about becoming internationally visible as an attractive region to work. For a longer-term commitment, talented people from abroad must also be given appropriate local support because they may need help in finding a kindergarten or school and a job for their partner. As the Upper Austrian location agency, we take measures to promote an international climate in Upper Austria and support Upper Austrian companies in creating family-friendly jobs.

Managing global talent with "Welcome2Upper Austria"

Welcome2Upper Austria - the Business Upper Austria welcome centre - ensures that international skilled personnel and their families feel at home right from the start. We help international specialists and executives to settle in when they arrive in Upper Austria to take the pressure off the HR managers in your company. We offer you consultation, advice and assistance in ensuring your new employees get off to the best possible start in Upper Austria.
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Work-life balance

The compatibility of work and private life will become a decisive factor for employers from now on. More and more employees expect a sound work-life balance in their jobs. KOMPASS offers support in the ongoing development of a compatible working environment. This competence centre for parental leave and sabbaticals is the central point of contact for companies in Upper Austria concerning promoting women at work and optimising the work-life balance.
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Evelyn Hetzinger- Projektassistentin Netzwerk Human Ressourcen (NHR) Business Upper Austria - die Standortagentur des Landes OÖ

Evelyn Hetzinger

Project Manager

Talent Attraction Programme, Welcome2Upper Austria

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