Get support in recruiting skilled personnel

Searching for qualified personnel is often a long and arduous process. Many companies find it difficult to hire the right people. Help is at hand, though, because we can advise you on how to find personnel and help you to position your company as an attractive employer. In selected target markets abroad, we also present Upper Austria as a desirable region in which to live and work and support you in your search for international employees and students.

Advice on finding skilled personnel

We will help you gain an overview of the current skilled personnel situation in order to make the best possible use of the potential available. Do you have questions about the regional labour market and about suitable recruiting strategies? Then please get in touch with us. We can provide you with information on services and grants provided by the public employment service (AMS) and the Province of Upper Austria for personnel development, and support you in contacting the appropriate funding agencies and service partners.


HTL engineering college career platform

We support you in the search for HTL graduates and tell young engineers about vacancies, the qualifications required and the jobs available at Upper Austrian companies. On our HTL career platform you can create a company profile free-of-charge and post your engineering job vacancies.
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Skilled personnel monitor Upper Austria

Using the skilled personnel monitor at you can see the workforce available in Upper Austria up to the year 2030. The forecast tool for the labour market shows you the demand for skilled personnel in each industry, region and academic level at the click of a mouse.
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International skilled personnel for Upper Austria

We present Upper Austria as a business location and post job offers from Upper Austrian companies at career events in Austria and abroad in order to motivate students, skilled personnel and top executives from all over Austria, Europe and further afield to come to Upper Austria. You will also have the opportunity to come to selected trade fairs abroad and present your company as an attractive employer. You can also register on our CV platform to gain access to the profiles of foreign students and graduates.
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