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Support for technology start-ups

New start-ups have a positive influence on industry, which is why they are the main focus for Business Upper Austria. Together with our subsidiary tech2b we support technology-oriented start-ups.


Establishing companies and start-ups

If you operate a start-up or are planning on developing your idea into a profitable business model, tech2b is the right place for you. Each year, our experts look after, support and promote around 30 start-ups from the development of ideas and founding of the company through to the development and growth phase.
The 360° service for start-ups includes a wide range of coaching, mentoring, further education and infrastructure as well as financial funding.


Start-up incubator

When you have developed your business model and founded your company, tech2b will continue to accompany you on your way. Thanks to years of experience and a wealth of contacts, we can find suitable companies, business angels and investors to help you pave the way to success. Tech2b would be pleased to take on the role of a start-up incubator for your company.


Support for technology start-ups

As Austria's industrial pioneer, Upper Austria places a high value on progress in technology. That is why Tech2b focusses specifically on the development of start-ups in the technology sector. Experts provide you with comprehensive information on establishing technology-oriented companies and can offer you ongoing funding.


Our services for you:

  • Information for technology-oriented start-up companies
  • Support for selected start-ups from materialising their ideas through to market as well as during the growth phase (High-tech funds)
  • 360° service for start-ups: coaching, mentoring, further education, infrastructure and financial funding
  • Mediation between start-ups, well-established companies, business angels and investors
  • Support in funding and (structured) financing as well as business model development (technology, team, market, financing, strategy)


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