Careers at Business Upper Austria

As the location agency of the province of Upper Austria we make sure that Upper Austria is one of the world’s most attractive regions for companies to operate in. We strengthen Upper Austrian companies’ power to innovate and their competitiveness, help them to form networks and attract (international) companies to the location.

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We wanted to know what people do at Business Upper Austria and what it is that sets the company apart from other employers:



Standard training schemes don’t give you enough?
You want to increase your potential?

Then we are the right choice for you! We demand and support

Business Upper Austria promotes and requires its employees’ efforts to expand their knowledge and skills. Training and qualifications boost innovative potential and increase the quality of service which in turn means greater customer satisfaction.
Alongside an annual catalogue of training courses, the individual training needs of each employee are of course also taken into account.

FIT for project management and FIT for consulting

One central part of our training programme is our project management course “BizFit” that gets new employees fit for their responsibilities at Business Upper Austria.
In addition, the advanced course “BizFit! Advanced” is offered for more experienced employees and focuses on consultancy skills.
Thanks to the opportunities on offer for their professional development, Biz-Up employees are not only FIT for what they do but also highly sought after on the job market.